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Quality Service For Everyone We are a Professional Data Recovery Service Provider in Bangladesh , Data Recovery Specialist to Provide Data Recovery Service with Safety, Reasonable Pricing, Privacy Protection, Satisfaction, & Hassle free. Our Lab in Used those tools DFL, HD DOCTOR and DID, Clean Room etc.

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Data Recovery Services
In-Lab Data Recovery Services for physically damaged hard drives requiring dust free clean room environment minimizing any further contamination to the platter surfaces.
RAID and Server Data Recovery covering all areas of multiple drive servers. continuous research into RAID algorithms ensures that even the newest systems are supported and can provide the fastest data recovery turnaround time possible.
Data Acquisition and Forensic services designed to assist law enforcement agencies in securing critical files. can also work in conjunction with an agency’s high-tech crime staff to develop policies and procedures regarding the handling of electronic evidence, and provide hands-on data recovery training.
Emergency Data Recovery Options to provide customers with recovery results as soon as possible. Emergency services can handle everything from large RAID and multi-disk servers to failed laptops. FTP download of recovered data also is available to enable your business to get on track right away.

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